How can I use the music from this site in my project?

Simply click on the “license” link in the track you’d like to use, pay the one-time license fee, and you’ll get a high-quality WAV file with the audio watermark removed.

What does the license entail?

Buying the license for a track gives you the right to use it in your creative or corporate project (video, presentation, etc.). You may use the track in a for-profit project.

The only thing you CAN’T do is resell the track itself or otherwise make it available to the public as stock media. As the composer, Charlie McCarron still owns the copyright. He is granting you a non-exclusive, indefinite license to use the music in connection with your project.

Please see the license agreement for full details.

If you’re using the music for TV, film, or radio…

You must include the appropriate song information in your cue sheet, so our composer will be able to collect public performance royalties through ASCAP.

Title: Song Title
Composer: Charlie McCarron (ASCAP)
Publisher: Composer Quest (ASCAP)

Is this music royalty-free?

It’s technically not royalty-free music, since Charlie collects performance royalties if the music is used for TV, film, or radio. But there are no additional costs to you, the media producer, after your initial purchase.

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